Job Posting: Promotions Specialist, Contract Position

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council hires a contract position each year for a Promotions Specialist.  Please let us know if you are interested in being considered for this position.   Submit a cover letter describing how you are qualified to fulfill the contract and send your current resume to our office by June 1, 2017.   

Promotions Specialist:  Excels in working with the media, social media, and web presence.

Pay Scale is considered a contracted specialist.  The work activities take approximately 520 hours a year spread out over 12 months.  A contract for $13,000 was used last year to complete the work activities.  There are no benefits.

Promotions Work Activities:

  1. Website updates and coordination.
  2. Develop and increase promotion on social media.
  3. Attend the NWMAC Artist Reception annually to take pictures and post to our social media about the event.
  4. Complete a once a month e-newsletter.
  5. Improve the NWMAC on-line directory.
  6. Arrange for artists or arts leaders to talk on our radio spot.  Coordinate all weekly radio segments.
  7. Determine one workshop annually to offer related to promotion and marketing.  Announce, attend, and arrange the workshop.
  8. Create platforms for charitable donations.
  9. Work with groups to use Explore MN Tourism website.
  10. Promote information on residency artists.
  11. Create two six-month reports for the Board of Directors on statistics related to promotion and marketing.

Note:  The work activities have been slightly abbreviated above.  The see a full listing please contact our office.