Creative Minnesota 2017 Report

Creative Minnesota 2017 Study
Reveals What Artists Need to Make a Living and a Life in Minnesota

The new Creative Minnesota 2017 report is out!

104,000 artists and creative workers, 1,600 nonprofit arts and culture organizations, and 22 million attendees have a total economic impact of $2 billion annually in Minnesota. Download your copy at or the regional report here.

The 2017 study is full of information, including an economic impact study of Minnesota’s non-profit arts and culture organizations. It asks

Where are Minnesota’s artists and creative workers? (Every corner of the state.)
Who are Minnesota’s 104,000 artists and creative workers?
What are the creative jobs, demographics, spending and income, and genres?
What do artists give to communities and what do they need to succeed?
What does public opinion polling of Minnesotans about the arts tell us?