All Artists Are Invited

All Artists Are Invited

to enter the North Dakota Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition

“This Week Only”  

February 5 – 12, 2017

The North Dakota Museum of Art is hoping to discover the work of area artists who haven’t yet crossed their radar.  Artists benefit from seeing their own artwork installed in the company of their peers. And the Museum needs to take the temperature of their artistic community, what is happening at this moment in time on the Northern Plains. What trends exist, if any? Which artists might flourish if given a leg up? What is our artistic history now being written? The artist Mary Frank aptly summed it up with the title of her 2015 exhibition, “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.”

The ND Museum of Art decided to create a big event, walls covered with any-which-art springing from our area. This is art that might be included in future exhibitions, auctions, and events. Lots and lots of art to brighten up our lives in the deepest of winter. This is the first non- curated exhibition ever mounted by the North Dakota Museum of Art. Please submit, buy, celebrate, expand your visual acuity, or just have fun.

Eligibility: If you are a serious artist from North Dakota or able to travel from your home to Grand Forks and back again in one day (the radius of what we are defining as our region, including Southern Manitoba, Northwest Minnesota, and Northeast South Dakota), you are invited to submit one artwork of your choice to the upcoming exhibition “This Week Only.”

Dates: The show officially opens at 4 pm on Sunday, February 5, 2017, and continues for one week, closing on Sunday, February 12.

Delivery of Art: Museum staff will be on hand to receive and install the art on a first come/first served basis beginning at 10 am, Wednesday, February 1, 2017, and continuing until 4 pm Saturday, February 4, or until the Museum is stuffed. Think about carpooling your artwork.

Acceptable Artwork: Two-dimensional works of art cannot be larger than a total of 16 feet. (For example 1 x 7 feet, 2 x 6 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 4 x 4 feet or any size smaller.) Sculpture must fit through a regular door (7 x 3 feet). Special equipment needed for display—including sculpture stands, monitors and projectors—must be furnished by the artist. The art must be ready for installation, including proper framing to protect the art. No clips and string, or other devices that will allow the work to slip out of the hanging apparatus, become unhinged, or become damaged. This is an uninsured exhibition so artists must protect their own.

Entry Fee: Each artist must pay $25 prior to or when the work arrives at the Museum.

Exhibition Opening: At 2 pm on Sunday, February 5th, pianist Gilles Vonsattel will perform in the Museum’s classical series, “Myra Presents: Concerts in the Galleries.” The shared reception that follows at 4 pm will honor the pianist and the artists in the show, and formally open the exhibition.

People’s Choice Award: Each member of the public visiting the exhibition will be asked to vote.

Sale of Art: This wasn’t intended as a sale exhibition but artists have been asking “Why not?” So, the museum is offering to sell artworks until closing on, Sunday, February 12. If you wish to sell your work mark it on the Entrance Form. The artists will establish the sale price and split 70/30 with the Museum (artist gets 70%). Buyers will be asked to take the work at the close of that day, Sunday, February 12.

Return of Art: Artist must pick up the art at the close of the show, 5 pm on Sunday, February 12, or by 5 pm on Sunday, February 19th. Work not reclaimed or sold will not be stored at the Museum—if you saw how pressed they are for space you would understand.

This event honors Walter Hopps (1932-2005), one of America’s most beloved and creative curators, whose 1978 “Thirty-Six Hours” was the first such known exhibition. Francisco Alvarado, an artist from Honduras, had a work in that show. It was purchased by Joseph Hirshhorn, which kicked off Alvarado’s career. Today he has studios in New York and Honduras where he is now working on a large installation for the North Dakota Museum of Art’s upcoming “Weeds” exhibition scheduled for the fall of 2017. He will be looking for ten volunteers to work with him over the two-week installation.

The Museum retains the right of refusal for works of questionable condition, and to hang certain works in designated areas.

North Dakota Museum of Art 261 Centennial Drive Stop 7305 Grand Forks, ND 58202
701 777-4195