Warroad Summer Theatre Needs You!


Is that person you?

Warroad Summer Theatre

NEED #1:  Our first play of the summer opens June 16, and our leading young man had to withdraw due to bronchitis.  Is there ANYONE out there, or do you KNOW of anyone in their 20’s who would be willing to work VERY hard to take this role?  If so, please contact Shelley Grove:  218-689-2087

NEED#2:  The musical for WST’s 36th Season is “Mary Poppins”.  This production takes on a very labor intensive set, and we are inquiring if any of our supporters would have a large garage space with electricity that we could use to store pieces in as they are built, or possibly even build some there if possible.  We own our own tools, but just need a local place to begin building.  We would trade the use of this location for free advertising in our programs and on our website.

If you have such a facility, or know of another possibility, please contact Ron Anderson at 242-5896 or Jim Provance at 242-2585.