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Minnesota’s Creative Workers and Artists: An Economic Impact Survey
Artists COUNT! Artists are an important part of a healthy community. Artists contribute to the economy, as well as the vitality, of Minnesota. Artists have significant economic clout. Let’s prove it.


Are you wondering whether this applies to you?  Here are three questions on the survey that help show the wide scope of participants.   Everyone from hobby pottery makers to professional architects to theater ushers to arts administrators to school band conductors.  

How do you categorize your primary artistic discipline? 

Available selections include…. Inter-Disciplinary/Multi-Disciplinary; Architecture; Crafts; Dance; Design Arts; Folk-life/Traditional Arts; History; Humanities; Literature; Media Arts; Music; Opera/Musical Theater; Photography; Theater; Visual Arts; Other

How do you categorize your primary artistic job or role?

Actor; Animator; Anthropologist; Archaeologist; Architect; Archivist; Art Director; Artist; Audio or Video Technician; Camera Operator; Choreographer; Composer; Conductor; Conservator; Costume Attendant; Craft Artist; Curator; Dancer; Director; Editor; Fashion Designer; Floral Designer; Graphic Designer; Illustrator; Industrial Designer; Jeweler; Library Assistant; Makeup Artist; Management; Museum Director; Musical Instrument Repair; Musician; Painter; Photographer; Precious Stone or Metal Worker; Producer; Radio Announcer; Sculptor; Set Designer; Singer; Sound Engineer; Teacher; Usher; Video Editor; Writer/Author; Other

Using the definitions below, how do you most accurately define your status as an artist?

  • Full-time artist (i.e., you support yourself entirely or primarily through your artistic or creative work)
  • Part-time artist (i.e., you also work outside of your artistic or creative work in order to support yourself)
  • Hobby artist (i.e., you don’t rely on your artistic or creative work to produce income)
  • Other (a description is required)

Over 160 nonprofit and foundation partners are working together to make the economic impact study for creatives happen including Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Springboard for the Arts, and many other important arts and artist service organizations in every corner of the state (you can see a list of the partners at CreativeMN.org). This study will be used to generate public and private support for individual artists, and to advocate for more services for artists. The result will be more attention, respect, and funding for artists and their efforts to make their art and their living in Minnesota.

The best way we can prove the economic clout of artists is to hear from artists themselves about how they earn their living and how many dollars they are spending in their community. Participation is voluntary, of course, but very important.

Your information and privacy will be COMPLETELY PROTECTED. This survey is housed on a secure site with firewall protection. The information gathered by the researchers will never been seen by the partner organizations and will be reported in aggregate only. Your individual information will NEVER BE SHARED.