WORKSHOP: Teaching Artist Development Comes to TRF!

Teaching Artist Professional Development Workshop Comes to Thief River Falls

image003VSA Minnesota, in cooperation with the Northwest Service Cooperative, is pleased to announce a professional development workshop for teaching artists, arts specialists and general or special education teachers seeking to improve their skills in working with students across all abilities, especially students with special education needs.
Join us for the first of the 2016 Reaching All Learners workshops on Tuesday, March 22nd at:

Northwest Service Cooperative
114 First Street West, Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Attendees will:
*   Participate in active, arts-learning experiences designed to model ways to engage all students, especially students with special education needs.
*   Explore strategies, resources, and lesson designs using the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that allow you to improve your skills in inclusive & welcoming learning situations and learn how to apply them to your own teaching practice.
*   Connect with VSA Minnesota and its Roster for Residency programs. Lori Brink, visual teaching artist, and one other teaching artist (arts background to be determined by composition of participating attendees) will lead interactive learning sessions followed by facilitated discussion and Q&A sessions.

Other workshop presenters will include:

*   Kursten Dubbels, Assistive Technology & UDL Specialist, Minnesota Dept. of Education
*   Barbara Hackett Cox, consultant in Arts & Education Program Design, Project Management, Facilitation & Collaboration
*   Craig Dunn, Executive Director, VSA Minnesota

Workshop Schedule:
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. including morning refreshments and lunch (Registration 9:00 AM)
Registration fee: $25
Attendees must pre-register by completing the Workshop Registration Form which is near the bottom of the Arts in Education Resources page. You can also learn more by emailing Craig Dunn at<> or calling 612-332-3888 or 800-801-3883.

VSA Minnesota is the state organization on arts and disability and its mission is to create a community where people with disabilities can learn through, participate in and access the arts.  It has been making the arts available and accessible to Minnesotans with disabilities since 1986.

Craig J. Dunn
Executive Director
VSA Minnesota
528 Hennepin Av  Suite 305
Minneapolis, MN   55403