Ox-Bow Residency for TEACHER’S

This looks like an amazing opportunity for teachers to refresh their perspective and to be able to work on their own art!


Head on over to MNArtists.org and find out more about it!

Ox-Bow’s AIR program offers artists and writers, at various stages in their career, the time, space, and community to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice. The Arts Faculty and MFA residences are held during the summer while our core classes and community programs are in session. The small group of residents is a part of Ox-Bow’s artist community of students, faculty, and Visiting Artists. The Fall Artist Residencies are held for five weeks between September and October. This larger group of artists enjoys a more intimate community.

Ox-Bow Residency

Open: 12-21-15

Closes: 05-09-16 11:45pm