Gallery Review 2012

IreneB+JoleneJExhibit102012The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council opened a gallery the end of 2011 within the River Walk Artists’ shop in East Grand Forks. The end of 2012 heralds our first year of bringing exhibits of works created by northwest regional artists to the public.

During warmer weather, new exhibits were installed monthly, allowing some artists the opportunity to participate in the Art & Wine Walk as featured artists. From November to January, our second annual Holiday Exhibit took place showcasing works by twelve different artists. In 2013, from January to May, exhibits will run slightly longer than one month before we return to our warm-weather schedule of month-long installations.

Below is the list of 2012’s featured artists and their media.

May 1 – June 24, 2012                    FUNCTIONAL ART              Art & Wine Walk   06/16/12
Robin and Lorrie Foster                      pottery
Carole Wilson                                        woven garments/textiles
Mary Jane Doak                                    purses/upcycled materials
Cathy Forgit                                           textiles
David Pirtle                                            floor cloths
June 27 – August 6                           EXPRESSIONIST ART                 Art & Wine Walk   07/21/12
Debbie Aune                                          sculpture
Erin Nelson                                            acrylic paintings
August 7 – September 9                  REGIONAL ARTISTS                 Art & Wine Walk   08/18/12
Renee Jensen                                         Hardanger embroidery
Karen Engevik                                       pottery
Kathy Comstock                                     ceramic-topped furniture
September 11 – October 14           FELLOWSHIP ARTISTS              Art & Wine Walk   09/15/12
Jean Johnson Ranstrom                       oil paintings
Jerome Fuglseth                                    wood carvings
October 15 – November 12            FELLOWSHIP GRANTS                Art & Wine Walk   10/20/12
Irene Bertils                                           drawings/paintings
Jolene Juhl                                             glassware
November 13 – January 14, 2013 HOLIDAY EXHIBIT
LaVonne Forsberg                                 watercolor painting
Lucille Nelson                                        acrylic painting
Mary Ann Laxen                                    photography
Jeanne O’Neil                                        prints
Phyllis Kalliokoski                                watercolor painting
Jessica Pribula                                      textiles, prints
Sandra Wogaman                                 bead jewelry
Jean Westman                                      jewelry
Paula Kallinen                                       cards/paintings
Carolyn Meisel                                      cards/beadwork
Jolene Juhl                                            glass ornaments, plates
Therese M. Jacobson                           acrylic paintings