Community Supported Art

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is pleased to invite you to be a part of our first annual Community Supported Art program. You can assist artists in meeting art patrons and collectors, and help in building their businesses and contacts in the community by purchasing a SHARE of CSA!

What is a “share”?   Nine pieces of original art by nine regional artists of   northwest Minnesota.

What does it cost?   $300.

How many shares are there?  Only 50 shares exist.

Why should I buy a share?  You would be supporting the local art community and helping artists grow their businesses. You will also add to your own art collection, or gift others with original works of exquisite art.

Who is sponsoring this program? The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council  sponsors this program and others through grants from the McKnight Foundation and Minnesota’s Legacy Fund.

Who are the participating artists?  This year’s artists are John Leopold of Thief River Falls, Chris Lane of Newfolden,  Jenn Steinbrink of Crookston, Robin & Lorrie Foster of Red Lake Falls, Paula Kallinen of East Grand Forks, John Charles Cox of Thief River Falls, Jolene Juhl of Greenbush, Renee Jensen of Stephen, and Jeanne O’Neil of East Grand Forks.

How do I buy a share?  If you, a place of business, or someone you know is interested in purchasing a CSA share, you may call the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council office at 218-745-9111 or email Therese.  CSA shares will be available until all are sold.

Where do I go to get my share?  Artwork will be distributed at a reception in November and another in March whose locations will be announced soon, so prepare for an exciting season ahead!

  • 9 – Artists
  • 50 – Patrons/50 Shares
  • $300
  • 218-745-9111

CSA is modeled after Community Supported Agriculture and is patterned after the original CSArt program founded by Springboard for the Arts in Minneapolis 20 years ago.